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The Polish Energy Revolution Begins

by Dr. Kent Moors | published September 19th, 2011

As you read this, I am flying back from Poland, shortly to grab another flight on to Vancouver for our first Energy Summit cruise starting Wednesday.

I am genuinely excited about spending four days with many of you, as I lay out our strategy to profit – big time – from small- and micro-cap energy companies in the months ahead. (To that end, I’m taking a few days off, so there will be no Oil & Energy Investor mailing until next Monday.)

For now, though, major news has emerged during my stay in Poland.

At about 9:30 yesterday morning, the nation formally embarked on a new energy course – one whose impact will be felt throughout Europe and beyond.

Visiting the first advanced drilling site in eastern Poland, Prime Minister Donald Tusk committed the country to extracting shale gas beginning in 2014. This will fundamentally transform the nation’s energy prospects.

Now, Tusk and his government are in the run up to a parliamentary general election (the voting takes place on October 9), and the country’s energy situation has been a visible campaign issue.

Back in Krakow, the prime minister’s press conference was broadcast live at our shale gas conference. (Funny – it actually interrupted a panel I was on devoted to how the shale gas revolution will affect localities and regions.)

Turns out, the Polish shale picture is more significant than even I was anticipating…

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