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There’s No Telling How Much Unconventional Oil and Gas Will Hand Us (But It’s A Lot)

by Dr. Kent Moors | published December 17th, 2013

Back in early 2007, at the dawn of the revolution, it was easy for me to go out on a limb when it came to rise of shale gas and tight oil.

In fact, in an interview at time, I suggested two things that were rather “unconventional” themselves.

One was that the rise unconventional oil and gas would accelerate U.S. domestic availability. The other was the prospect that it would reverse the long time decline in overall production.  

For that second point, I was roundly criticized by some of the “seasoned” talking heads sitting around the same table, fingering their empty cups of coffee.

Then, the whole idea of unconventional oil and gas was thought of as just a “flash in the pan.”

Well, here we are less than seven years later and boy have things changed…

Today, the prospects for unconventional oil and gas have gone through the roof – even much quicker than I had anticipated.

For investors, that continues to hand us new ways to profit…